W+K 12 is a year long advertising school housed inside the Wieden and Kennedy Portland office. They admit 13 students each session and in their seventh I made the cut. Jim Riswold was in charge and I spent my time learning, teaching and being as creative as possible. Check out some non-client work below.


My Application:

The prompt was simple "Impress us with an 8.5x11 piece of paper." I designed an origami pipe, wired it and sent it out. 


The Dick Book:

I came up with an elegant way to curb elevator poster vandalism and simultaneously promote creativity in the W+K Portland office. I called it the dick book.


W+K 12  1hr:

I developed and implemented 1hr projects at the school. Group illustrations, documentary photography, writing to a picture and so on. Anything to keep things fun, the mind limber and forget about advertising if only for an hour. 


Pie Baking Contest:

W+K PDX hosts a pie contest each year. We added a campaign that ended with a pie throwing contest to raise money for the local food bank. I concepted, made a short video to kick off the event and created a giant piece of vinyl cherry pie.