I am a Creative Technology Director. I creatively leverage tech trends and direct the content creation that drives user engagement. I have done this at various points along the concept to post production chain but and am best suited as a Creative solving a brief where knowing if a technology can bend leads to more intuitive application and more interesting user participation.

Some of my CTD work is below, give it a gander. 

Mitsubishi brought back their Eclipse in 2018 and there was a solar eclipse in 2018 so they made a bunch of content. I worked on the creative, developed the content creation plan and managed an on set camera, editorial and VFX crew of 15. In 48hours we created and approved 16 pieces of content - a 60 second TVC, 2 hour eclipse live stream via satellite, 6 BTS videos and 8 social videos. This event also included helicoptering in +40 influencers to a literal grass farm in the middle of Oregon where we set up a perfect viewing experience with a proper astrologer.

Nike and WK made a social push during the World Cup with a digital avatar of a Zlatan. Over a month we created +30 videos, a 25 minute live Google Hangout and delivered bumpers to ESPN nightly by 5. I built out the capture and client review pipeline, captained a “real time post” team of 10 and built and ran the mission critical computer recording the mayhem. The walking talking character was created with a video game engine, a VO actor in a booth, a person in a ping pong suit for the body movement capture and two old school animatronic puppeteers using cockpit joysticks and mini gyroscopic like hand cages to move everything above the mouth and below the mouth respectively.

Adidas held a professional custom photoshoot pop-up at NBA All Star Weekend. I concepted with producers, creatives and programmers before and during the event to ensure we were creating high quality branded content real quick. In three days we hosted 750 photo sessions with custom user driven 20ft by 20ft LED screens as our backdrop. Before walking out the door each model fan had a link to three selects that had automatically been color graded, cropping and branded.

Old Spice Response Campaign v1 - Technical Director - Over three days we created 185 videos and in our stride were making one broadcast-quality video start to finish in under eight minutes. I worked with the creatives and producers to build the audio/video pipeline and directed a team of producers and editors. Here is the youtube playlist

Old Spice Response Campaign v2 - Technical Director - I built on the pipeline I developed from the previous year, solved new technical problems, worked with creatives to creatively solve vfx gags and handed off the plan to a post-production company to execute. I attended all shoot-days for a few hours in case any problems came up and it all worked out.