BMW wanted to introducing their 1 Series to technology lovers in China and had some influencers on the hook, so what next? Build out several ridiculous custom race tracks that each tech wizard can traverse and at the same time play a game, that’s what. I took on the role of Creative Director and created three spots that visualize some deep tech crews in an absurd light.

BMW - Laser Music

We had the opportunity to work with a DOPE DJ. We made him a custom interactive race track. As the DJ drove a 1 Series on the track he and the car would cross obstacles and checkpoints that when traversed would trigger different audio samples and in turn play back a musical track a tune.

BMW - Game On

This took the top players of League of Legends, paired each of them with a 1 Series, a crew, and developed a spectacular world combining actual in game assets and characters overlaid in the real world on a track.

BMW - Hello World

We built out a larger than life size keyboard timed race for two of the top programmers in China to traverse while programing via their vehicle.